Intelligence Paper Lid Forming Machine

JGZ-60Intelligence Paper Lid Forming Machine

  • JGZ series intelligent paper cover forming machine is developed based on domestic conditions on the basis of fully absorbing Korean and German paper cover machines, fully filling the blank of domestic paper cover machine, and is a patented product of our company.
    JGZ series smart paper cover forming machine is ideal for producing paper container lids, instant noodle bowl lids, coffee cup lids, ice cream paper cup lids and other paper container lids.
    JGZ series intelligent paper cover forming machine is easy to operate, stable in performance, small in area and high in efficiency. It is an ideal project for investment and entrepreneurship. We accept custom-made paper cover customization.。

.The fuselage is made of high quality materials and has high strength.
.The structure runs smoothly, the molding is stable, and the noise is low.
.The safety protection system is reliable.
.Concentrated (dispersive) lubrication system (optional).
.The double cover can be placed directly on the machine. (two release devices can be selected)

型号 Model JGZ-60 JGZ-60D
纸杯规格 Paper Cover Dia 65-125mm 65-125mm
原材料 Raw Matenal 单PE淋膜纸 单PE淋膜纸/双PE淋膜纸
纸张克重 Paper Weight 280-450gsm 250-380gsm
最高生产速度 Max Rated productivity



功率 Power 6.5KW 7KW
电源要求 Power Souce 380V 50hz 3Ph 380V 50hz 3Ph
机器重量 Machine weight 2800kg 3000kg
气源要求 Power Source 0.4Mpa,0.12m3/min 0.4Mpa,0.12m3/min
包装尺寸 Packing size 2350x1700x1900mm 2300x1700x1900mm